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A Little Bit About Us... 

We are both nomads by nature, somehow a Canadian and Belgian raised boy met at Arizona State University. Both of our families moved every couple years throughout our lives, which made it impossible for us to ever imagine a life without travel. Now we get antsy staying in any place too long and take every opportunity to explore across any and all borders. 

We are excited to share our adventures with you!


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For trip consulting, business inquires and partnerships please send an email to: wanderlostadventures.blogspot@gmail.com 

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Unknown said...

Hi Hailey,
Thanks for your message. So you've tried putting "gallery" as a label, and then going to layout, clicking on the SLIDE1 widget, typing "gallery" into the box? That's all I did, worked for me! Good luck with it, your blog looks great and it looks like you're having some awesome adventures!!!

Hailey Farr said...

Nina B, you're such a lifesaver! Thank you so much for your help! I wasn't putting "gallery" back into the SLIDE1 widget.

Great job on your blog too! I love it!