Let Us Find Your Flights

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Our Goal - To travel as much as possible for as little as possible.

We started searching for the best deals out there and were able to see the world on a very small budget.

After our first excursion, we started finding flights for our family and friends. As the word continued to spread, we started our own travel request portion of our blog because of the amount of referrals we had coming in.

On average we have saved people roughly $300 per trip. 
Let us help you next! 

If you want us to help find you the cheapest flights for your next trip, fill out the survey and we will send over suggestions. There is no charge whatsoever, so feel free to check it out!

No strings attached. No hidden agendas. Just spreading the word to help more people like you and me see the world and have extra money in their pocket to enjoy it.

Questions or comments? Send them over to wanderlostadventures.blogspot@gamil.com

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