Berlin in a Day!

7:51:00 PM Hailey Farr 0 Comments

Berlin is a city that has history around every corner! We only had a day to spend in this beautiful city, but we hit the ground running and did as much as we possibly squeeze into our day to take in all Berlin had to offer.
The first sight we had to see was the famous arch - Bradenburg Gate. It is extremely popular and had tour buses lined up along the street to showcase this beautiful attraction to all. A much more underrated attraction is actually located around the corner and is a beautiful peaceful tribute to the Holocaust.

The Berlin Wall is an absolute must see in the city! The area where it is still intact makes you feel as though you are back in time. Visit the Berlin Wall Museum and even purchase a piece of the wall you can take home with you. 
And don't forget to eat as much food and drink as much beer as possible! Don't hold back when it comes to German cuisine because every single dish is an experience in itself. 


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