A Day In Copenhagen

8:25:00 PM Hailey Farr 0 Comments

Copenhagen isn't as beautiful as you'd expect it to be... it's even better! If you're anything like us, we expected Copenhagen to have this one magical street that we would be in awe of. To our surprise, we quickly learned that every street swept us off our feet and quickly made us fall in love with this city. 
This was our favorite moment of the trip. You can purchase a "take away" beer and walk around the streets with it. The entire town comes out at night and sits on the street with family and friends drinking and enjoying life. This is the best time for photos because there are less tourists and beautiful reflections. 
 This city houses so many unexpected gems. This one is my personal favorite - they have a street that has trampolines next to their sidewalks for anyone and everyone to enjoy! Any city that has trampolines instantly wins me over. 

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