Pineapples and Acai Bowls

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The Dole Plantation is a must see in Honolulu! 
Not only does is house every possible pineapple product ever created, but it is home to our favorite Dole-Whip, yum! You can purchase it in a cup or in this souvenir pineapple as a float or just soft serve. The Plantation also has the world's largest maze and a Pineapple Express that takes you around the estate. 

For our favorite Acai bowl of all time, that goes to Banan! It is absolutely incredible and is served out of a papaya. There is a food truck  that travels around but be on the lookout for their permanent location opening fall of 2016 near the University of Hawaii campus.

My favorite seat outside of Banan


West Fork Trail, Sedona AZ

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West Fork Trail in Sedona Arizona is one of our favorite hikes! This trail weaves you back and forth across a beautiful lake in the bottom of a canyon filled with red rocks. The hike itself is relatively flat which makes it perfect for all levels of hikers. In the summer many people take advantage of the water and actually go swimming. It only takes minutes before you are right next to the river!


Hanauma Bay

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Hanauma Bay is officially one of my favorite places in the world! To enter the park there is a small fee of $8, with an offer of a discount for Hawaii students. Before you enter there is an informational video about caring for the reef and preserving its beauty for years to come. 

There are snorkel, fin, and mask rentals as well as lockers to hold your belongings while you are in the water. 
As soon as you enter the water, there is wildlife everywhere! It is overwhelming how close you can get to all of these stunning creatures and before you know it you are swimming with the fish and occasional sea turtle. 


Mormon Trail - Arizona

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The Mormon Trail Hike in Arizona is full of fun small spaces to crawl through, and even more beautiful views.

For the best hike possible be sure to follow the sign that says "Loop" and it will take you under a beautiful rock tunnel. The entire hike only takes about an hour and a half, but there are many options to extend your trail time. Have fun!


4 Hours in Seattle

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Buy as many desserts as possible. This marketplace is home to the world's greatest cinnamon roll, yum! 
Food anywhere and everywhere is absolutely incredible. 

World's First Starbucks 

Downtown is filled with beautiful buildings and scenery everywhere you look. 


Weavers Needle - Arizona

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Diamond Head - Hawaii

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Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a beautiful yet challenging stairmaster. You can wear flip flops to conquer this hike, but be aware that there is a lot of dirt and rocks along the way. We made it to the top right before a rainstorm and were able to take shelter in the bunker at the top of the mountain until the storm passed. This is home to some incredible views and history. A must-see for anyone new to the island!