Makapu'u Lighthouse & Tide Pools

8:39:00 PM Hailey Farr 0 Comments

The hike to the Makapu'u Lighthouse is incredibly beautiful! It is a paved steadily inclining road all the way to the top. When we were there we lucked out and the National Guard let us access the lighthouse. Normally this would be considered trespassing, however there are holes in the fences that prove many people may go without permission. It is so worth the view! 

The Makapu'u tide pools are one of the coolest experiences to enjoy in Hawaii. It is a steep 30 minutes down the side of the cliff to reach them, but well worth it!

These large tide pools let you swim around in the ocean water while watching the tide hit the side. It's beauty is unparalleled and makes the steep climb out bearable. This spot is not as well-known so it is not overcrowded and there is plenty of room to swim and watch the waves! 

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